About Kinsey Financial Services

At Kinsey Financial Services (KFS) we offer full accounting and tax preparation services. Our company has been serving Jacksonville, Florida, and the surrounding areas for over 10 years. Although we specialize in handling difficult tax situations—no matter how big or small, we have you covered! Our vision at KFS is to offer a one-stop financial solution to all of our clients at an affordable price. To improve our customer’s experience by staying innovative, demonstrating excellence, and providing world-class service. Our organization focuses on establishing strong customer satisfaction while building rapport, ultimately creating long-lasting relationships with our clients based on reliability, trustworthiness, and integrity. In addition to offering personal and business tax preparation in Jacksonville, Florida, Kinsey Financial Services’ business model also includes offering accounting, bookkeeping, notary services, and document preparation to our clients.

Why Choose KFS

Things are constantly changing in the tax business; therefore,we plan with the future in mind. Understanding the trends and fluctuations in the tax industry shapes our organization, as well as, gets us prepared for the rapidly changing demands of our clients.
Our purpose at KFS is to empower consumers and business owners to handle their money efficiently and keep accurate and current records of their business transactions. Our organization offers services that are tailor made for our clients to meet their needs. To align with our vision statement, KFS provides a high level of excellence to our customers. The company constantly transitions and creates new methods to withstand the changing demands of our clients. For KFS to achieve the objectives outlined in our vision and values, we will apply the notion stated in our mission statement. Our company will motivate, encourage, and aid customers and businesses by altering our services to meet their specific financial needs.

Our Goals

Our goal is to provide world-class customer experiences which will contribute to customer loyalty and increase the number of referrals and word of mouth business that our company receives. We will make every effort to be respectful to all of our clients while demonstrating dedication to their individual needs. Doing so will enable us to accomplish the following goals:



The employees within our company will always behave exemplifying integrity and credibility; abiding by high levels of ethics and morals.


It is the responsibility of the owners, and all staff members to achieve excellence. We will handle our responsibilities with pride and remain professional at all times.


At KFS, the customer is always right, and our clients are our priority.


We treat all clients with sincerity, thoughtfulness, dignity, and

At KFS, our mission, vision, and values are the foundation for the organization. They guide the choices that are made with the company because they build common beliefs and understanding among our staff. Our company’s solid mission, rich vision, and thorough values allow us to disregard our personal bias and make important decisions that are ethical and consistent.

Get your taxes prepared by depending on our experienced tax preparers in Jacksonville, Florida.
At KFS we offer dependable tax preparation, accounting, and bookkeeping solutions for our
clients. Let us maximize your tax return by using our knowledge of the tax laws to ensure that
you do not leave any money on the table. We offer multiple options for tax preparation: remotely
or visiting one of the locations.

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